Can Java App Development Companies Change Java EE Development With Lambda Expressions?

The new Lambda expressions have got something interesting for java application development companies and their developers. As far as concern to critics, many consider it as a fresh take on Java while rest believe that it offers average developers another way to write bad codes which are hard to handle and maintain. As per java development experts, it is necessary to learn Lambdas and use these expressions in programming. It’s more like today’s generation who don’t remember the world before computer, similarly young developers will never have known a better and different way to do java development.

Is It Really Tough To Learn Lambda Expressions?

Not at all, if you have a will to try hands on Lambda expressions, you can learn it and get proficient by making best practices. A java developer, working in a leading Java application development company, can learn Lambda expressions in just a day (experts believe). Lambdas are easier than generics and a programmer should use them for java app development project. As it is said- Things are difficult to get because you don’t know about them. Once you learn them, you get them.

Working With Lambdas and Streams

Streams support several operations that utilize lambdas, such as filter, map, count, sum, collect, min, max, limit, etc. Streams do not really read entire data and methods.

Lambda expressions are closures used as anonymous methods to offer simple and compact means to developers for representing behavior as data.

When A Java Application Development Company Should Use Lambda Expression?

Lambda is a better way used by java app development companies to implement the single abstract method type. It is intended to implement single unit of behavior which is designed to pass to other code.


When you starting with the general list of integer:1

Then write a method that sums all the mention integers in the list:
In case, you need to sum all even numbers mention in the list:

Or next time, your Team leader asks to sum the numbers again that are greater than 3:

Find it lengthy process? It is the time to think of smarter and better way to do this. Lambda expressions can be great guide for this:

In this way, a developer working in a Java application development company can meet all of the three requirements in a single generic and reusable method.

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